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LEED® Ratings - Your Nucor Metal Building Can Earn LEED Points

With the published rate of 72% or higher recycled content, a Nucor steel building can be an exceptional building for your LEED project.

Earning LEED Certification requires careful consideration in planning each element ofthe facility. Using a Nucor metal building offers you an opportunity to earn points right from the start. Nucor's steel building systems can help you earn points in Recycled Content, Heat Island Effect, Use of Regional Materials, and Materials Reuse categories.

LEED qualified metal building by Nucor
LEED qualified metal buildingNucor Builder: Strebig Construction, Inc.   LEED qualified metal building by Nucor Nucor Builder: Clayton Construction Company, Inc.  
Change in the construction industry will involve the energy conservation and environmental impacts of construction. As an active member of the MBMA Energy Committee, Nucor Building Systems is helping create the curve concerning energy efficient buildings. A manufacturer’s ability to design and produce buildings meeting energy criteria could well shape the future of that company and its Builders.
LEED qualified steel building by NBSNucor Builder: Pumford Construction, Inc.


NBS buildings, with the exception of the CFR™, are made from Nucor steel - which is made from scrap. Published data states that NBS steel buildings contain 72% or more of recycled content. Not to mention, NBS steel materials are 100% recyclable in the future. This means if the building were taken out of service, all of the steel could be made into new steel Learn More .

Nucor Building Systems also offers two standard white finish options for their Nucor CFR panel. These options exceed the LEED Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) requirement of 78.

As a member of USGBC®, as well as the largest steel recycler in the northern hemisphere, Nucor makes a promise to be environmentally conscious to its employees as well as the communities.
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