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Nucor Building Systems R&D Lab

Tests Performed
Reason for Test

Pressure Box
Click to enlarge - Pressure box

AISI Gravity & uplift base
  Meets requirements of codes for stability
and uplift strength

ASTM E1592 Uplift   Meets requirements of codes for stability
and uplift strength

FM Uplift   Meets insurance or architectural requirements

Special structural beam
load verification
  Verifies theoretical capacities
Universal Push/Pull Testing Box
Universal Push/Pull Testing Box ASTM A370-E8 Material
  Supports other lab testing
AISI special member and connection capacity   Verifies theoretical capacities and tests solutions prior to standardization
Axial Column Compression Tester    
Axial Column Compression Tester        
Axial Compressive testing
of strut members
Verifies capacity of axially loaded
members in compression
Special Testing and Mockup Box
Mock Up box ASTM E2140 Static water pressure head   Demonstrates weathertight qualities
AISI diaphragm   To permit lateral stability loads
Special detail mock-ups   Weathertightness of complex detailing situations
Additional Lab Testing ASTM E1646 water
To provide testing required by many
architects and code officials in certain
parts of the country in certain applications
ASTM E1680 Air Infiltration  
UL 580 Roof Assembly  

ASCE 7 Wind-borne debris missile    
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