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Want to Become An Authorized Nucor Builder?

Join the over 1,200 highly qualified Builders across North America and the Carribbean who have chosen to be an Authorized Nucor Builder. Nucor Builders are the best design-build contractors in the business, providing exceptional pre-engineered steel building solutions, on time, and within budget.

A Few Reasons to Become a Nucor Builder

Superior Roof System
Our Nucor CFR Roof system offers the Vise Lock 360 seam. With over 200 million sf in the marketplace, you can be assured of its stability
MBMA Member since 1990, as well as a CSSBI member with IAS AC472 accreditation
Raw Materials
NBS is a supplier with an uninterruptible supply of raw materials to protect you from mis-schedules & shortages
  Committed Pricing
We honor our pricing commitment every time. We know you have a budget, and we are committed to saving you money
All materials are completely designed and engineered at our four strategically located plants
  Financial Strength
We are not forced to make poor short-term decisions because of cash flow

Unbeatable Solutions
Hands-on technical support for creative
building solutions

  Proudly American
Our buildings are designed, detailed, and fabricated in America - crafted using American steel, American Pride, and American quality
Nucor offers many Nucor Builder Benefits including lead generations, communications support, training schools, pricing/ordering system, preferred pricing status, Co-Op Advertising, regular communications on critical steel building industry issues, and pricing seminars, to name a few.
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