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Insulated Metal Roof & Wall Panel Systems

NBS insulated metal panels embody attractive styling and cutting edge energy efficiency. Designed with the latest scientific breakthroughs, our panels are lightweight, durable and still maintain their ease of installation and visual appeal. Now is the best time to build with NBS insulated metal panels because the benefits have never been greater.


Insulated Metal Panels are Affordable & Easy to Install

Light weight and simplified fastening systems deliver quick installation and reduce labor costs. Insulated metal panels themselves are very affordable and shipping/handling costs are reduced thanks to the product’s light weight. They can even be installed in adverse weather conditions. Removable film prevents damage to the exterior during shipping and installation.
Office building with insulated metal panels Attractive & Lightweight
One of the most sophisticated building products on the market today, insulated panels offer a clean, high-quality appearance that immediately adds value to any building. Insulated panels enhance the visual appearance of your building, and their remarkable light weight reduces structural requirements and installation costs.
Commercial metal building with IMP Nucor Builder: Steel Structures West LLC Sturdy & Durable
Our insulated metal panels incorporate a finished interior liner, factory applied air and vapor shield, and an insulated foam core finished exterior weathering surface into a single cladding unit. The composite action resulting from a chemical bond between the injected-in-place foam core and steel skins creates a lightweight, rigid unit with exceptional spanning capacity.
Auto dealership with insulated metal panelNucor Builder: John Miller Construction Reliable Thermal Performance
You get 100% reliable thermal performance and insulation continuity with IMP– no cavities, no gaps, no crushed insulation and no thermal bridges. No change of R-value occurs when purlin and girt center dimensions are varied. The insulated core is the most thermally effective insulants commonly available today.
Insulated metal panel buildingNucor Builder: Robinson Construction Company Superior to Tilt-Wall
Insulated metal panels offer a much safer and cost effective solution to tilt wall construction. Not to mention, IMPs are recyclable and can be installed in virtually any weather condition. Both costly and time consuming, tilt wall construction also requires the use of heavy equipment. Insulated Metal Panels offer sustainable construction, with far less construction time and higher insulation values.

NBS Insulated Panels
Innovative - Adaptable - Energy Efficient


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