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Benefits of a Custom Metal Building

Cost Effective Steel Buildings
Your Nucor metal building is designed by registered professional engineers with the aid of some of the industry's most advanced computer systems. The computer designed building system simplifies construction and significantly reduces erection time. This means lower "in place costs" as well as quicker occupancy of the building.

Retail steel building by Nucor Manufacturing metal building by Nucor Steel religious building by Nucor
Nucor Builder: Mid-States Construction, Inc. Builder: Simonson Construction Services, Inc. Builder: Target Building Construction, Inc.


Energy Efficient
A Nucor steel building is adaptable to a number of energy efficient insulation systems, from basic fiberglass to rigid board. Better insulation systems mean your energy bills become easier to manage. By specifying a low profile roof, you can eliminate unnecessary head room to heat and cool.

Every Nucor metal building is custom-designed and fabricated to meet the functional requirements of your business. This means you suffer no price penalty.

Nucor steel buildings can be designed with a range of covering systems such as glass, brick, or block. And, of course, Nucor's attractive wall systems are available in a number of colors and panel types, including insulated metal panels.

With a background in heavy manufacturing and steel producing facilities, you can depend upon Nucor for a building system that meets your expectations. Nucor Building Systems utilizes support material produced by our own Nucor Steel divisions.

Financial Strength
Nucor Building Systems is a division of Nucor Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. Nucor is recognized as a well managed and financially stable company that you can depend on. A strong consideration of any purchase decision must be the ability of a company to stand behind the products they sell. Be sure to ask for your building manufacturer's financial statement before you buy.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable
LEED® is a rating system for the design, construction, and operation of performance for green buildings.  The steel in NBS buildings is recyclable and is made from scrap. Nucor Building Systems offers two standard white CFR options that exceed the LEED Solar Reflectance Index requirement of 78. These factors allow a Nucor Builder to earn LEED points. For more details about NBS and LEED ratings.

LEED and the related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used with permission.

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