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  Nucor - A Green Company

  Nucor Building Systems' Environmental G.R.E.E.N. Policy

  As the largest recycling company in North America, Nucor recognizes our role in protecting the
  environment. We value the environment of the communities in which we operate and recognize
  its importance to our teammates, their families and our continued welfare.

  Protecting the environment is critical to our operations and the company‚Äôs long-term success.
  To this end, we endorse these principles to demonstrate our commitment to the environment.

NBS's GREEN Policy
G reat Expectations
  To be World Class - Nucor Building Systems is committed to having World
Class Expectations in all aspects of our business.
R esponsibility
  Nucor Building Systems will operate Responsibly to preserve and
contribute to our local environments.
E nvironmental Excellence
  As a world class organization, NBS will uphold our commitment to
environmental excellence.
E ffective Practices
  Environmental excellence will be achieved by all NBS employees by
participating in effective environmental practices.
N eighborhood Outreach
  NBS will reach out to our communities as proactive environmental stewards.
  Information on LEED certified buildings constructed using products provided by Nucor Building Systems.
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