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Water and Wastewater Treatment Steel Buildings

Nucor metal building designs are equipped to meet the unique needs of your water treatment or wastewater treatment facility including cranes or mezzanines. A cost effective NBS building can be easily expanded.

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Water treatment plant by Nucor Building Systems

Wolf Creek Water Treatment
Location: Eden, UT
Size: 9,600 sf
Water Treatment plant with partial mezzanine and a 5-ton bridge crane. Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof system.
Water Treatment Building by Nucor
Duke Energy
Builder: Patterson-Horth
Location: Edwardsport, IN
Size: 45,000 sf
Housing for water treatment operation One of 17 for this IGCC generation station. Features a 46'x23' megadoor, numerous integrated louvers. Partial mezzanine.
Louisiana Water Treatment by Bleigh Construction Co.
Louisiana Water Treatment Plant
Builder: Bleigh Construction Co.
Location: Louisiana, MO
Size: 16,165 sf
Water treatment facility featuring a Nucor Composite CFR™ system.

Pine Grove by Wickersham Construction & Eng., Inc.

Pine Grove Mechanical
Builder: Wickersham Construction & Eng., Inc.
Location: Pine Grove, PA
Size: 6,900 sf
Mechanical equipment building for a waste water treatment plant. Features a painted Nucor CFR standing seam roof system.

Bay City by Woodruff Contracting, Inc.

Bay City Waste Water
Builder: Woodruff Contracting, Inc.
Location: Bay City, MI
Size: 16,800 sf
A tertiary filter building with PVDF finish on both the Nucor Classic Wall™ and Nucor CFR systems.
Dillman WWTP by Todd & Langley

Dillman Road WWTP

Location: Bloomington, IN
Size: 20,000 sf
This unenclosed water treatment facility features a painted Nucor CFR system.
Leslie WWTP by Wickersham Construction & Engineering, Inc.

Leslie Water Treatment Plant

Builder: Wickersham Construction & Eng., Inc.
Location: Lancaster, PA
Size: 2,000 sf
A water filtration building and tank for existing water treatment facility. Includes a 1/2-ton monorail crane system.
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