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Warehouse / Distribution Metal Buildings

Warehouse and distribution buildings are a natural for Nucor Building Systems. You know your requirements: wide open spaces on the inside, attractive and low maintenance on the outside. And all must be at an affordable cost. Nucor buildings are available in practically any dimension your needs may require, and interior column spacings are adjustable.
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Warehouse by Nucor
KF-6 Warehouse
Builder: Janotta & Herner, Inc.
Location: Fremont, OH
Size: 126,000 sf
Warehouse/distribution facility designed to fit into high-end industrial park. Features a Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof system and masonry/Nucor Classic Wall™ exterior.
A warehouse/distribution building by Nucor
Ferguson Enterprises
Builder: Fitts & Goodwin
Location: Columbia, SC
Size: 52,000 sf
Warehouse, sales, and distribution facility with a 7,750 sf partial mezzanine attached front office. Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof system.
Warehouse/distribution facility by Nucor
Tioga Pipe Supply Co.
Builder: Iron Hill Construction Mgt. Co.
Location: Easton, PA
Size: 159,450 sf
Crane building with Nucor Classic Wall™ and Galvalume Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof system.
Distribution Center by Nucor
Klein Steel
Builder: The Nichols Team
Location: Rochester, NY
Size: 135,000 sf
A key to this steel distribution faciltiy is the 10,000 sf automated steel product storage & retrieval system which allows for maximum capacity. It also features clear heights up to 60 feet as well as crane ways of 100 feet.
Warehouse distribution steel building by NBS
Builder: Fox & Brindle Construction Co., Inc.
Location: Calhoun, GA
Size: 305,225 sf

ClearBay® distribution warehouse with 60' bay spacing and 32' internal clear height. Expandable endwall for future growth. Building columns recessed for 8" pre-cast panel exterior

Warehouse by Nucor Building Systems
Builder: Commercial Team Construction, LLC
Location: Zionsville, IN
Size: 21,420 sf

Commercial warehousing and storage facility with a partial mezzanine. Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof system.

Warehouse distribution building
Builder: Mid-States Construction, Inc.
Location: Elkhart, IN
Size: 100,328 sf

Warehouse/distribution facility with 2-ton underhung cranes. Also includes a lean-to. Nucor translucent panels for natural lighting.

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