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Metal Building Gymnasiums & Multi Purpose Buildings

When planning your school auditorium, multi-purpose facility, or gymnasium, your solution is the advanced technology offered in a Nucor metal building. Metal building technology allows your design professional the freedom to concentrate on improving the form and function of your facility while you enjoy the economic benefits of a metal building system.
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Recreational Facility by Nucor
Grand Canyon University
Builder Arizona Corporate Builders
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Size: 30,787 sf
Recreational facility with 125'-10" single slope clear span frame. Tapered endwall framing for architectural purposes.
School gymnasium by Nucor
Woodruff Primary
Location: Woodruff, SC
Size: 13,300 sf
School gymnasium/multi-purpose building with a Nucor Composite CFR™ and Classic Wall ™ exterior.
School gymnasium by Nucor
Klein ISD Gymnasium
Builder: S/A Construction
Location: Spring, TX
Size: 7,800 sf
A community school gymnasium with a Nucor CFR system as well as a partial mezzanine.
Steel activity center by Nucor
Culver Stockton Athletic Facility
Builder: Bleigh Construction Co.
Location: Canton, MO
Size: 24,000 sf
This Nucor clearspan building is a new college basketball/athletic facility. Interior is lined with Nucor Classic Liner Panel, and exterior with Nucor Accent Panel in Lightstone and Burnished Slate.
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