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Marine Metal Buildings

Boat Storage Buildings - Yacht Related Buildings

Marine related metal buildings by Nucor can solve your needs for large spans and, crane systems with an economical and environmentally friendly facility. A metal building by Nucor can be custom designed for your demands.
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Marina building by Nucor
Brewer's Marina
Builder: Hebert Construction, LLC
Location: Freeport, ME
Size: 8,400 sf

Boat sales and service building. Partial mezzanine. Two 2-ton monorail cranes. Nucor CFR™ and RC™ exterior.

Marine / boat storage building by Nucor

St. Augustine Marine
Builder: DiMare Construction
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Size: 40,000 sf

Marina and boat storage facility with a 38’ open endwall, lean-to, and 10,000 sf of shop area. Nucor CFR system.

Industrial Marine Manufacturing Building

Newcastle Marine
Builder: FHS Industrial Constructors, LLC
Location: Palatka, FL
Size: 31,025 sf
Yacht manufacturing facility with lean-tos, translucent panels, ridge vents, and two 15-ton cranes.
Boat manufacturing plant by Nucor
Zodiac Boats
Builder: Coward-Hund Construction Company
Location: Summerville, SC
Size: 40,000 sf
Boat manufacturing plant. Interior includes a 5,000 sf mezzanine. Nucor CFR™ and RC™ exterior.
Boat sales and service building by Nucor
Lexington Boats
Builder: Denham-Blythe Company, Inc.
Location: Richmond, KY
Size: 10,800 sf

Boat sales and service facility. Transverse and longitudinal partition walls. Nucor CFR and RC exterior.

Marine building by Nucor
Albertson Marine
Builder: Danallison Enterprises, Inc.
Location: Southold, NY
Size: 12,000 sf

Commercial boat warehousing and storage facility. Asymmetrical ridge, partial multi-level mezzanines, 5-ton crane with 50’ bridge.

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