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Landscaping & Nursery Steel Buildings

Landscaping & nursery facilities offer Nucor Building Systems the opportunity to show the economy and versatility of a metal building system. Fascias, cupolas, mezzanines, and open warehouse areas, Nucor brings the many options to the table for landscape related metal building projects.
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Landscape nursery building by Nucor
Arminio's Landscaping
Builder: Pedersen Building Systems, LLC
Location: Landing, NJ
Size: 7,800 sf
This steel building features 14’ poured foundation walls, cupolas, a canopy, full mezzanine, and painted Nucor CFR system.
Landscaping steel building by Nucor TruGreen Chemlawn
Location: Plainfield, IL
Size: 20,000 sf
Warehouse with Nucor Classic wall and attached
masonry office surrounded with fascia. Features a
Nucor CFR standing seam roof system.
Landscape nursery building by NBS
Loma Vista Nursery
Builder: Express Steel Buildings, Inc.
Location: Ottawa, KS
Size: 7,800 sf
Equipment building for a nursery that services the midwest. This Nucor metal building features the Classic Wall and Classic Roof systems.
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