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Aircraft Hangar Buildings

Nucor Building Systems offers clearspans in excess of 300'  for your aircraft hangar. Whether your needs include a large commercial hangar or a private hangar, a Nucor building can accommodate your requirements. Multiple door systems, as well as mezzanines, maintenance and office space can easily be incorporated into your design.
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Flightstar Maintenance Hangar
Maintenance Hangar
Builder: Mark Construction Company
Location: Cecil Airport, Jacksonville, FL
Size: 113,000 sf

Flightstar maintenance hangar boasts an astounding 313'-0" clear span constructed of Nucor TrussFrame. It is comprised of two main areas: a low bay which is 69' in height and an 80' tall high bay. It also features a 99,000 pound Megadoor.

Hangar museum by Nucor Building Systems
Museum Hangar
Builder: Steadfast Structures
Location: Tucson, AZ
Size: 41,000 sf

The Spirit of Freedom museum hangar features 45' tall clear spans. Nucor Classic Wall and Classic Roof exterior. Multiple translucent panels.

Steel aircraft hangar by Nucor Building Systems
Corporate Hangar
Location: Jax, FL
Size: 60,000 sf
The 40,000 sf Pegasus hangar boasts a 20,000 sf office. It is
enclosed by the Nucor Classic Wall and Classic Roof systems, and also features Classic Roof Translucent Panels for natural lighting.
Steel hangar building by Nucor
Helicopter Hangars
Location: Stuart, FL
Size: 16,000 sf

Two 8,000 sf hangars to house sherriff and Lifestar helicopters for emergency services. Nucor Classic Wall and Classic Roof exterior.

Steel helicopter hangar by Nucor Building Systems
Helicopter Hangar
Builder: R.D. Glass Construction, Inc.
Location: Martinsburg, PA
Size: 6,075 sf
This NBS helicopter hangar features a 60x16 stacking door, with a small lean-to. Nucor Accent Panel / block and Classic Roof exterior.
Corporate Hangar building by Nucor
Johnson Corporate Hangar
Builder: Calvin Davenport, Inc.
Location: Smithfield, NC
Size: 6,400 sf

Corporate hangar building with a 70'x22' bi-fold door and a small office. Nucor Classic Wall and Classic Roof   systems.

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