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Industrial Crane Buildings - Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

Nucor buildings can easily be designed and adapted to support crane systems. NBS has designed, fabricated, and shipped thousands of industrial buildings with crane systems ranging from 1-ton monorails to 100-ton bridge cranes. NBS can reduce or eliminate the need for independent crane columns - resulting in a substantial savings.
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Industrial crane building by Nucor Building Systems
Global Tissue
Builder: West Rac Contracting Corp.
Location: Medford, NY
Size: 165,000 sf
Manufacturing & warehouse facility. Top running crane system. Partial mezzanine. Parapet walls. Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof system.
Crane building by NBS
Location: Houston, TX
Size: 21,400 sf
Manufacturing and research facility comprised of four buildings. Parapet walls, 10-ton top running crane, below eave canopies, hip & valley conditions.
Custom yacht manufacturing facility by Nucor
Christiansen Shipyards
Builder: T. Gene Edwards
Location: Vonore, TN
Size: 450,000 sf
This industrial crane building is the largest custom fiberglass megayacht shipyard in the USA. Nearly 80’ tall with a full mezzanine and sixteen 20-ton cranes.
Industrial crane building by Nucor Building Systems
Ft. Pierce Lot 44
Builder: Jennings Management, Inc.
Location: St. George, UT
Size: 40,705 sf
Industrial crane building with warehouse. Parapet walls. Nucor CFR standing seam system
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