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Concrete Plants - Concrete Products Buildings - Cement Mixer Buildings

Nucor buildings are designed to meet the crane system and mezzanine needs of a concrete products facility, with the strength and durability only a steel building can offer. Your concrete products building or cement mexier building can be manufactured in virtually any dimension need you may require, with adjustable interior column spacings

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Concrete plant by Nucor Building Systems
Concrete Products
Builder: Carter Group, LLC
Location: Marianna, FL
Size: 55,000 sf
Precast concrete products facility. Multiple cranes ranging from 10 to 130 ton capacities. Nucor CFR standing seam roof system.
Metal concrete plant facility by M.L. Barnard, Inc.
Maysville Concrete
Builder: M.L. Barnard, Inc.
Location: Maysville, KY
Size: 5,000 sf
This Nucor metal building is a concrete plant which includes a partial mezzanine. Also features the Galvalume Nucor CFR system.
Metal mining facility by Martin Construction
Chase Mining
Builder: Martin Construction
Location: Jessup, MD
Multiple buildings of various sizes. Nucor girts with Nucor Classic Roof , and Classic Wall applied to structural steel frames.
Concrete warehouse by T. Gene Edwards, Inc.
Yerbey Concrete
Builder: T. Gene Edwards, Inc.
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Size: 37,960 sf
Single sloped commerical metal building warehouse for a concrete company that features three 5’-0” projection canopies and Nucor Classic Roof Translucent Panels.
LaFarge Cement by Arcon Construction
LaFarge Cement
Builder: Arcon Construction
Location: Delmar, NY
Size: 1,600 sf
This Nucor building is a cement plant featuring the Nucor Classic Roof ™ and Nucor Classic Wall™.
Cement processing plant by Coward-Hund Construction Co.
Van Smith Block
Builder: Coward-Hund Construction Co.
Location: Summerville, SC
Size: 28,300 sf
This Nucor metal building is a commercial cement processing plant features both the Nucor Classic Roof and Classic Wall systems.
Asphalt company office building
SEM Concrete
Builder: G. Greenstreet, Inc.
Location: Lubbock, TX
Size: 3,600 sf
Business office and materials dispatch or a local asphalt manufacturing & distribution plant. Nucor Classic Wall   & Classic Roof exterior.
Concrete warehouse by The Hayden Company, Inc.
Meade Concrete
Builder: The Hayden Company, Inc.
Location: Lexington, KY
Size: 12,420 sf
Clearspan Nucor metal building that features a combination concrete block/Nucor Classic Wall exterior as well as the Nucor Classic Roof .
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