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Community Steel Buildings
Theaters - Museums - Amusement Park Facilities

Community facilities offer a great opportunity for Nucor Building Systems to show our versatility. From amusement parks to museums, from banquet halls to theaters, Nucor brings the many options to the table for community metal building projects.
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Community theater by Nucor
Music Box Theater
Builder: Wickersham Construction & Engineering, Inc.
Location: Lancaster, PA
Size: 142,000 sf
This NBS community building is a 50’ high theater with specially designed beams to allow for the counter weighted stage sets, as well as a catwalk.
Stadium Movie Theater by Nucor
Pierce Point Theater
Builder: Cincinnati United Contractors
Location: Amelia, OH
Size: 31,460 sf
Ten-studio, 1,563 seat theater with a partial mezzanine. This state-of the art facility is single slope with parapet along the high side and a 12’ canopy entrance. EIFS exterior with block wainscot.
Steel museum building by Nucor
Kruse Museum
Location: Auburn, IN
Size: 192,000 sf
A NBS community museum that serves as a banquet hall and a large historical museum. This 192,000 sf structure is three buildings with partition walls.
Amusement park building by Nucor
Great Escape
Builder: Rozell Industries
Location: Lake George , NY
Size: 20,000 sf
This Nucor building houses a public amusement park ride. It is a clearspan building, with a Nucor CFR™ and Nucor Classic Wall™ exterior.
Scottish Rite building by Nucor
Scottish Rite 33°
Location: Burlington, NJ
Size: 17,916 sf
A multi-purpose NBS facility with glass entry. Used for members of the Scottish Rite 33°. Features a Nucor CFR system with a combination Nucor Classic Wall / Block exterior.
Community recreational facility by Nucor
Boys & Girls Club
Location: Knoxville, TN
Size: 18,340 sf
This Nucor building is a clearspan community recreational facility featuring a canopy entrance and a Nucor CFR standing seam roof system.
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