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Clear Span Steel Buildings

Freedom from interior obstructions allows maximum use of floor area and operating efficiency. This offers a clean, uncluttered space, ideal for all types of buildings including warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, sports related, and agricultural applications. Nucor clear span steel buildings offer capability and economy to your metal building needs. The result is a facility with wide open spaces at a price you can afford.
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Clear span steel building by Nucor
Chataqua Airline Maintenance
Builder: Kelley Construction, Inc.
Location: Louisville, KY
Size: 80,249 sf
This 156’ wide clearspan steel building includes a crane, as well as a combination of different bay lengths and special endwall spacing.
Clear span steel building by Nucor
Ipsco Slitter
Builder: Russell Construction Co., Inc.
Location: Muscatine, IA
Size: 50,000 sf
Single slope, steel tube manufacturing facility with 123’ clearspans. Multiple crane runs.
Clear span hockey arena by Nucor Building Systems
Frisco Hockey
Location: Frisco, TX
Size: 77,340 sf
Roof: Nucor CFR™ - PVDF
A community recreational facility enhanced with canopies and curved endwall conditions. Includes over 6,200 sf of mezzanine area, as well as a single sloped gymnastic wing.
Clearspan hangar building by Nucor
LA Pacific Hangar
Builder: Denham-Blythe Company, Inc.
Location: Smyrna, TN
Size: 25,470 sf
This beautiful corporate hangar houses a jet maintenance shop as well as corporate offices. It boasts a Nucor CFR system and 143’ clearspans.
Clearspan horse arena by Nucor Building Systems
Marmon Valley
Builder: The Link Construction Group
Location: Zanesville, OH
Size: 27,000 sf
Indoor horse riding arena with a canopy across the front endwall. Natural lighting with Nucor’s wall lite panels across the front endwall and both sidewalls.
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