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Smoke & Heat Vent Prismatic Skylights

Nucor Smoke & Heat Vent Skylights are designed to open automatically, releasing heat, smoke, and noxious fumes during a fire. Engineered to withstand severe weather conditions, Nucor's Smoke & Heat Vent Prismatic Skylight features a double-glazed prismatic lens that achieves not only a Class 4 hail zone glazing rating, but also a CC1 fire rating.

Fully Assembled and Ready for Installation
Available in two standard sizes, Nucor smoke vents are UL and/or Factory Mutual rated, fully glazed and ready for installation. The smoke vent frames are fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminum with a natural mill finish. Our frames have integral condensation as well as weepage gutters, which drain interior moisture to the outside.

High Performance Design

Nucor's Smoke & Vent Prismatic Skylights operate by a fusible link with a minimum temperature rating of 165°. The fusible link mechanism, with gas shocks, includes an exterior manual release cable for testing. The vents open to a minimum angle greater than 90°. Our vents are double glazed, using SR40 100% Impact Modified Clear Prismatic or Polycarbonate over SR25 white prismatic lens. They are CC1 rated, glazed in a Signature Series Dome configuration.

Specification Summary
Lens Material  
Top Lens Material Polycarbonate
Bottom Lens Material Polycarbonate
SHCG 0.42
VLT 0.64
U Factor 0.74
Impact Rating Class 4
Rate of Burn CC1
Class 4 Impact Rating Requirements
Ice Ball Diameter 1 3/4"
Kinetic Energy Target ft-lb 14.95
Kinetic Energy + 10 ft-lb 16.5


Standard Sizes
4080 52 1/4" x 100 1/4"
63 5/8" x 75 5/8"



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