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Nucor - An American Tradition

Each year at Nucor, we keep over 20 million tons of scrap steel out of America's landfills and off of her landscapes. In towns and counties across the country, we offer more than employment and the excellent incentives for which we're known. We help provide everything from school books to fire trucks. Meanwhile, our people build parks, buy computers for kids, and of course, support local charities. That kind of concern for our communities is Just Our Nature.
"We are low-cost focused, highly efficient, and our culture actually works to bring out the best in people."
– Dan DiMicco, Executive Chairman and former CEO, Nucor Corporation
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Nucor was founded on these basic principles
That steel could be produced in a more efficient, and environmentally friendly way. That our employees, neighbors, and shareholders should always be treated fairly, honestly, and respectfully. That our decisions should be based on securing long-term survival, not a short-term gain. That management should always be accessible and accountalbe. And that everyone in our comany should conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards.

  John Ferriola, CEO of Nucor Corporation
  John J. Ferriola
Chief Executive Officer
Nucor Corporation
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