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Standard Nucor Fascia for Your Steel Building System

Nucor fascias may ordered with open or closed soffits - closed with soffit is our standard condition. Fascias must terminate at a sidewall or endwall column. Fascia sheeting materials may be steel panel or other material not by Nucor. The maximum weight of such material is limited to 5 pounds per square foot.
Standard fascia on a Nucor steel building Standard fascia on a Nucor steel building Standard fascia on a Nucor metal building
Fascia on a steel building by NBS Nucor Builder: Capelle Bros. & Diedrich, Inc. Nucor Builder: DiMare Construction
The standard nominal vertical projections of a fascia are 4’-0” and 7’-0”. Standard nominal horizontal projections for a closed fascia are 1’-6” and 4’-0”. Standard nominal horizontal projections for an open fascia are 2’-0” and 4’-0”. The building roof slope must be ¼”, ½”, or 1” per foot to accommodate a standard fascia.

A minimum of 12” is required above the highest portion of the roof structural to the top of the closed fascia to provide space for proper flashing. Downspouts for fascia conditions are by Nucor as long as Nucor is supplying the gutter, and the gutter is outside of the building line. Downspouts for interior gutters systems are not by Nucor.

Nucor Product and Engineering Manual -  7.3 Standard Fascia

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